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Christian Louboutin Shoes on hot Sale with free 75% shipping on all orders, Sale Red Bottom Heels Shoes Outlet Wedding Shoes Christian Louboutin Discount Shoes online Sale Christian Louboutin ( Christian Louboutin ) , born in Paris in 1964 , he dropped out of school at the age of 16 went to the French shoe industry center - Romans-sur-Isere, and Charles Jordan shoe made ​​a apprenticeship . . In his 12 years , he would often skip class to go to France Red Bottom Shoes For Women to see some of the nightclubs female models show, because he was attracted to women wearing high heels and high heels as he became a designer of spiritual power , he said ; "Those women models are a great influence on me, if you like high heels, that is really the first high heels, that is on the legs, what to wear to walk all the body decoration . they are the first idol . " For those dancing girls, shoes are the most important, both to be comfortable , but also very beautiful, sexy , make it one noticed . I was thinking is very simple to make these girls put on my produced , a pair of foot than their more comfortable , beautiful shoes . "
16 years old , Christian Louboutin made ​​the life of the first pair shoes, though everywhere to sell , but those dancers did not believe him , after thwarted at every turn , he realized that he must undergo professional training. Then , in 1981 , at a friend 's referral, he first apprenticed in the Follies Red Bottom Heels Shoes Outlet Bergeres , and at the time the prestigious brand Charles Jourdan shoe technology , where a systematic study and improve on their deficiencies in the process . Talent + creative + self-confidence , Christian Louboutin soon emerge in the industry as a freelance worker has worked in Chanel, YSL to be independent shoemakers .
In 1988, only 22 years old Christian Louboutin joined the Dior 's legendary company specializing in Red Bottom Heels For Cheap the production of shoes Roger Vivier, through the master 's instructions, his shoe flew a high degree of skill and soon a household name. Fledgling Christian Louboutin finally in 1992 to create his own brand , he produced high-heeled shoes , colorful, exotic, by the media as " independent of the mainstream of the best ."
Initially he did not want to wipe red soles , but the design of shoes every time he is Logo headache. Once, he saw the female assistant to the nail polish on the toes , red color at once stimulated his inspiration , positive red painted on the soles, I did not expect , the effect is surprisingly good , so far , it 's Erotic Duopo this wiped the red sign on to become Christian Louboutin , let him hit it big . In the interview he had so described the impulse : "red soles for shoes painted like a lipstick , people do not consciously want to kiss , coupled with exposed toes , it is extremely sexy ."