Connecting the Dots!


Remember dot–to–dot puzzles? By drawing lines from one number to the next, you wound up with a picture. It could be anything from Noah’s Ark to George Washington!

By itself, each dot means little. Even a large group doesn't show the total picture. Only when every number is connected can you see the design the artist intended.

We know that God has a plan for our lives. What each Christian gives to God joins with the donations of others in the church. Together, they can form a wonderful pattern. Perhaps the “picture” is of people repairing a roof. Or, it may be one of someone driving a shut–in to worship.

Leaving even one connection out of a dot–to–dot puzzle causes a gap. Although it may seem small, nevertheless, the picture is incomplete. We must remember that while God gives the “numbers,” it is our responsibility to finish the pattern with time, talent, and treasure.