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  • Is finding inspiring content for your website a hassle?
  • Is keeping your website fresh and attractive a chore?
  • Are you trying to attract more of God’s stewards to your website?

Parish Panels provide fresh, vibrant content about stewardship for your website with no hassles! Here’s how: Put them on any of your web pages and every month new content appears on your site without you having to lift a finger!

Use any or all of five different panels (shown below) to provide fresh, inspiring, well-written content for your website. No special knowledge is needed, except the ability to make simple, one-time changes to your website. Every month new content will appear in each of the panels, making your web site come alive! Use them anywhere on your site, or make them the mainstay of your stewardship page. Mix them with your own content any way you choose!

The panels are designed to fit any website layout! Click to see actual panels and details. The background of the panels is transparent, so the black text will always show up against whatever background you use on your site. You can add a border to the panel, if desired, or leave it without a border for a seamless style.

The panels are simple to put on your site by anyone with basic knowledge of editing a web page. (Requires access to the actual html code ... please ask your webmaster.) Click to view instructions.

$49.95 per year!
Order Now
Take a look at these samples of the five panels you can put anywhere
   on your site ... they change automatically each month!

Panel 1

Against gray background and border added

Panel 2

No border or background

Panel 3

Against gray background

Panel 5

With thicker, blue border added

Panel 4

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