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First things first!
Inspire and develop good stewards all year long...

Comprehensive Programs

Inspiring Stewardship The Stewardship Toolkit


Stewardship Graceful Generosity Sharing God's Bounty Brother Steward Stewardship Corner

Other Resources

Parish Panels
A comprehensive program to educate and train stewards.
Image of Inspiring Stewardship
"Inspiring Stewardship"

This highly effective program consists of monthly principles about why we should be better givers. It’s approach has increased Christian giving up to 35 percent within the first 18 months!

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Cover all the bases with the ultimate resource ... at a low cost!
Image of Toolkit
The Stewardship ToolkitTM

Contains everything you will need each month to customize your ministry to communicate. inspire, and educate! All downloadable in flexible, easy–to–use PDF and MS Word format.

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Transform hearts and minds for only 15¢ per person!
Image of Stewardship

The leading monthly insert for your bulletin or newsletter. It will transform the hearts and minds of would–be stewards all year!

Available in print or digital format, and in Spanish.

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A quick read that provides food for thought each month...
Image of Graceful Generosity
"Graceful Generosity"

A simpler, 2–page, color, monthly insert that inspires an understanding of the biblical basis of giving.

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Compelling inspiration of the foundation of generosity...
Image of Sharing god's Bounty
Sharing God’s Bounty

A 1–page, color, monthly insert or newsletter that focuses on the biblical foundations that compel us to be generous with all that God has given us.
Both English and Spanish editions included at no additional cost.

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A fun way to inspire stewardship...
Image of Brother Steward
Brother Steward

A bi–weekly bulletin insert or great addition to any other church publication. It brings fun, lively and powerful messages to be generous with all that God has given us.

Both English and Spanish editions included at no additional cost.

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Weekly inspiration of the foundation of generosity...
Image of Stewardship Corner

Stewardship Corner

A weekly, 5.5" x 8.5" bulletin insert that brings inspiration one nugget at a time.

English and Spanish editions both included at no additional cost.

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Make your website come alive and inspire God’s stewards!
Parish Panels
Parish PanelsTM

Use our Web Panels to eliminate the hassles of finding and maintaining inspiring content on your website! The panels change automatically every month and don’t require any work!

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Focus on commitment!
Short–term stewardship programs for the spring or fall...
LAGPL Program GFOL Program TGFL Program EJG Program EBG Program LEDS Program FGP Program BFFJ Program TALOF Program GFLH Program
Our 3–week program for 2019!
Image of Program
Live a God–Pleasing Life!

A 3–week program ... warm themes and an effective, proven approach to fostering commitment.

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A popular 3–week program – inexpensive and easy to use!
Image of Program
Graced by the Fruits of Our Labor”...

A new 3–week program that reminds us of the honor that God has bestowed upon us as stewards of the Kingdom.

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Easy–to–use program maximizes commitment in just 3 weeks!
Image of TGFL Program
“Transformed by
Grace, Faith and Love”

The virtues of grace, faith, and love are essential to our Christian faith and our calling and work as God’s stewards.

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A 3–week program that gets people excited!
Image of EJG Program
“Experiencing the Joy
of Generosity!”

This popular stewardship program is about experiencing the joy of being generous with the gifts God has given to us.

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A powerful and versatile program
Image of Program
Empowered by Grace!

This 3–, 4–, or 5–week program includes everythng you need to help people understand the power of God’s grace ... 100% downloadable!

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A fresh approach that has proven inspiring!
Image of Program
Living Each Day a Steward!

This 3–week program includes everythng you need to build Christian stewardship with themes of identity, purpose and lifestyle ... 100% downloadable!

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A popular 3– or 4–week program ... versatile and effective!
Image of Program
Fulfilling God’s Purpose!”...

This popular program can be run in either 3 or 4 weeks (everything is included) and emphasizes four effective themes to build Christian stewardship through fulfilling God’s purpose for us ... 100% downloadable!

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Very popular 3–week program – viscerally pleasing!
Image of Program
Bearing Fruit for Jesus!”...

This 3–week program emphasizes whole life Christian stewardship: time, talent and money ... 100% downloadable!

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An emphasis on tithing – easy to administer and effective!
Image of Program
“Tithing: A Leap of Faith!”...

This unique 3–week program has an inspirational focus on tithing and increased commitment ... 100% downloadable!

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An easy to administer and effective 3–week program.
Image of Program
Grow as Stewards through Faith, Love and Hope!”...

This effective 3–week program provides a thoughtful approach to inspiring a commitment to true generosity.

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Additional resources to fortify your stewardship ministry...
Stewardship Sourcebook Stewardship Sermons Bible Studies Youth Stewardship Money Matters Lenten Package Advent Package Tri-fold Brochures
The Stewardship Sourcebook  
Image of SourceBook Looking for a place to start? Our Sourcebook package provides decades of wisdom about starting and maintaining a multi–year stewardship ministry for any size church.
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Proclaim on Stewardship!  
Image of Sermon Each of our sermon collections is professionally written and contains 18 sermons that focus on all aspects of stewardship; time, talent and treasure.
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Bible Studies!  
Image of Bible study Our Bible studies are an effective way to educate people about stewardship and can be used in smaller groups, or for the entire congregation. Available in both print and digital editions.
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Youth Stewardship Handouts  
Image of Handouts Teach the children! Each of our collections includes the Calling All Kids set for Grades K–6, and the Young Stewards’ Corner for grades 7–12. Each set contains 12 different handouts, so 24 handouts in all!
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Money Matters” Handouts  
Image of Handouts This robust series provides in–depth education about sound personal money management from a practical and biblical perspective.
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Lenten Devotions Package  
Lenten Package It is most fitting that we speak of stewardship during this period of contemplation, penitence and alms–giving. It is a time of giving and doing charitable work. Give the gift that gives back!
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Advent Devotions Package  
Advent Package The Advent season is a time of renewal, and a time of sharing and giving. Spark a renewed sense of giving among your members with our Advent devotional package.
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Tri–fold Brochures  
Tri-folds Our tri–fold brochures are written to convey a shorter, but powerful message about stewardship. Each has an important, inspiring, thought–provoking message about becoming a better steward of the gifts given to us by God.
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Get expert ministry help without paying a high–priced consultant!

The Stewardship AdvisorTM

The Stewardship Advisor is a step–by–step, online tool that will provide a comprehensive, actionable review of your stewardship ministry and how it can be improved!

In 20 minutes, you answer a series of questions and we immediately provide you with an 8–9 page report that provides a wealth of knowledge about how to plan and build your stewardship effort.

The Stewardship Advisor has been recognized by numerous stewardship leaders as being the best online tool available ... at a fraction of the cost of a high–priced consultant.

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Small Group Study resources!

Word of Life!

Rediscover the value of the small group faith sharing! It allows Christians to connect in a personal way with the Word of God. That connection is what The Word of Life! is all about! With three to twenty people, participants will be comfortable sharing their faith with others and inviting their families, friends and others to join. The Word of Life! contains three series for faith–sharing, each with six sessions. When we share something, we are normally left with less of it; when we share our faith, however, we are left with more than we started with. This process is therefore guaranteed to be rewarding!

Financial Counsel from God’s Word

Becoming Money Wise

“So if you’ve not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” Luke 16:11

Because money is a major part of life, Christians should spend a considerable amount of time learning how they can become better stewards in managing it. Financial Counsel from God’s Word is a scripturally–based, practical study guide to managing personal finances and is perfect to create a small group study around it.

Word of Life Foster faith–sharing!

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Financial Counsel Help people help themselves!

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