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Money Matters – A Series on Personal Financial Stewardship

This robust series provides in–depth education about sound personal money management from a practical and biblical perspective. It teaches the scriptural principles behind how and why you should keep your personal financial house in order.

Money Matters includes 12 one-page handouts, two six-page bible studies with answer guides and the right to reprint as many copies as you need for your congregation!

Twelve one–page handouts are packed with knowledge and wisdom about managing personal money matters from a scriptural perspective. Use one for each month of the year, or host a shorter, more in-depth series of sessions about keeping God's house in order by keeping your own house in order. The two bible studies are a perfect length for everyone in the church to be involved.

You can use them "as is," or easily add your church name or logo! You may reprint as many as you need for your entire congregation!


Handout Topics
Cross The Borrower is Servant to the Lender
Cross Developing a Budget
Cross God Blesses Us for our Giving – Giving is the best investment...
Cross Loving Money – The traps of foolish desires...
Cross Living Within Your Income
Cross The Problem of Materialism
Cross How Much House Can You Afford?
Cross Are You Saving for Retirement?
Cross Investing Wisely
Cross Long-term Care Insurance
Cross Reducing and Eliminating Credit Card Debt
Cross Why God’s Word Cautions us about Debt
Bible Study Topics
Handling Money Wisely - Part 1
Cross Proper Allocations for Your Money
Cross Give 10 Percent
Cross Malachi’s Admonition
Cross Is Tithing Relevant Today?
Cross God Blesses Us for our Giving
Cross Consequences of Not Giving
Handling Money Wisely – Part 2
Cross Disciplined Saving
Cross Scriptural Basis for Saving
Cross Four Basic Savings Principles
Cross Living on 80 Percent
  Money Matters

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Price Information:

  • Digital format downloaded from our Parish Resource Center: $29.95
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