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Welcome to Steward of the Month™



God’s stewards don’t seek recognition, but they deserve it! Steward of the Month is an exciting way to tell the story of someone who has been a great steward in your church or community. The story can be about anyone who has used their time, talent or resources unselfishly to give back what they have been given by God.

All stories submitted will be reviewed and posted on this site. In addition, we will choose one story each month to appear in our national publication Stewardship, which is read by over a million people! In addition, if your story is chosen, we will donate $100 to the church, or other non–profit organization of your choice!

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Recently Submitted Stories:

Testing the story   Submitted by: Guy from New Canaan CT 06840, CT

Peter Piper peckes a peck of pickled peppers

... Read Full Story


Homeless Outreach   Submitted by: Melinda from Mastic Beach, NY

We are Grace Lutheran Church located in Mastic Beach, NY. During the winter months, we host a homeless outreach to a neighboring community through a program named Maureen's Haven Homeless outreach.

Maureen's Haven and many churches work together, to provide a warm overnight stay with meals and fellowship to folks in need. Grace Lutheran Church has been partnering with Maureen's Haven for two seasons. We are pleased to provide much needed shelter for the men and women.

Once a month, we ... Read Full Story


How do we know Bill?   Submitted by: Joe from Peoria, AZ

Bill is the type of guy who seems to be involved in everything at our church. Its almost as if he is a part of the building itself. I spent a little time getting to know him last month, when he was at the baptism for my nephew Albert.  I pulled my sister over to the side, and asked her how do we know Bill?  She smiled, and simply answered I dont know, I ... Read Full Story


Sunday Children's Bible Study   Submitted by: Katie Ann from Marshfield, WI

We'd like our Childrens' Bible Study teacher to win for Steward of the Month.  Mrs. Montgomery helps our church and lets us help too. She is very nice.  She made us clean the parking lot last Saturday with gloves and brooms.  She helps us learn the bible.  She is the best.  She told us to be thankful for what God gives us and to give back as much as we can.  She takes us to the old peoples ... Read Full Story


Winning the Lottery   Submitted by: Edward from Midland, MI

The following is a true happening, related to me by one of our parishioners regarding our Expansion Drive.

Several years ago, during our original Expansion Drive, a member of the church was washing his car. As he went about his task, he was thought to himself: Lord, I'd really like to win the lottery for a couple million dollars. If I did, I'd personally pay ... Read Full Story


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