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Welcome to Steward of the Month™ – Guidelines

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Please click here to submit a story to Steward of the Month.  Each month, we will choose one story to appear in our national publication Stewardship. In addition, if your story is chosen, we will donate $100 to the church or other non-profit organization of your choice!

Writer’s Guidelines:

  • The subject should be a person or group of people that gives their time, talents or resources unselfishly for the good of others.
  • No more than 300 words (150–250 is fine).
  • Please be respectful of people’s identity.
  • Include detail, such as local or biblical references, as appropriate.


  1. Once a story is submitted to Steward of the Month, it will be approved as quickly as possible and then will appear on this site.
  2. All submissions are the property of Parish Publishing, LLC.  We reserve the right to edit or publish or stories submitted. If a story is inappropriate, we reserve the right not to publish it.
  3. By submitting a story, you acknowledge that the story is not copy–written, or the property of someone else.