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How do we know Bill?

Submitted by: JoePeoria AZ

Bill is the type of guy who seems to be involved in everything at our church. Its almost as if he is a part of the building itself. I spent a little time getting to know him last month, when he was at the baptism for my nephew Albert.  I pulled my sister over to the side, and asked her how do we know Bill?  She smiled, and simply answered I dont know, I think hes married to one of our cousins ask mom, shell know.   

I had to understand Bill better for some reason. So, I started a conversation with him.  He told me about how he fought in the Korean War, and that he was a member of the local VFW were he cooked for his buddies every Thursday night.  He and I spoke for what seemed to be hours.  We talked about my mother and father, and how beautiful my mother looked on her wedding day how my grandpa Whitey was a great golfer. He laughed when he remember my sister tripping on her first-communion gown.  He talked about how he was a mason, and had done all the stone work around the parish.  That beautiful stone work is in so many of our family photos in fact, when I thought about it so was Bill.   

I spoke with my mom; she said Bill was a close family friend, but not just to our family, to everyones family.  Bill came to our church when his brother was our pastor.  Although our pastor moved on, Bill stayed and has dedicated so much of his life to our church.  He is now a handyman, and works fixing things around our old church, and all over our community.  Last Sunday I stopped when I saw Bill cutting the branches of a tree that were lowered onto a few parked cars.  Hi Bill, need any help? We spent the rest of that afternoon cleaning up the landscaping at the church and we planted flowers. Bills wife brought us some sandwiches, and my wife brought us some home-brewed iced tea.   It was one of the most enjoyable Sundays Ive had in a very long time.  

I would like to acknowledge Bill for all the work he has done for our church.  And to invite the rest of our church to help Bill and me every first Sunday of the month just to clean up, fix up, laugh, and enjoy being stewards of our Lord, and being together as a family outside of our church.

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