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Winning the Lottery

Submitted by: EdwardMidland MI

The following is a true happening, related to me by one of our parishioners regarding our Expansion Drive.

Several years ago, during our original Expansion Drive, a member of the church was washing his car. As he went about his task, he was thought to himself: Lord, I'd really like to win the lottery for a couple million dollars. If I did, I'd personally pay off the debt on the church, and we wouldn't have any concerns. You know that's what I'd do. Why don't you let me win?

As he continued to wash his car, an amazing thing happened (HONEST!). He said he heard a voice as clear as if someone were standing right next to him. In fact, he turned around to see who was there. The voice said: But I don't want you to win the lottery. The church is for ALL the people to build. Not just a few. That's the way I want it to be.

Now, I believe this man's experience. He is a person who is not prone to exaggeration. Some may want to discredit this event. But it really happened. This is not a made-up story.

God speaks to us in many and varied ways. One of the main ways is to speak through His Body, the faithful in the Church. There is real truth in the message of this experience. And that truth is that Jesus has called us to be co-workers in building up and maintaining His Body on earth.

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