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Start Here

The object of this page is to get you started down the road to an active stewardship ministry for your church!



Christian stewardship provides spirituality that people can take home from church, exercise in their daily lives and express through personal involvement in the church and community. It is not project–minded or job–oriented; it is a way of life. Understanding stewardship helps us to become aware that God is the ultimate giver of the gifts we have and that we should give back to God and others. Giving back to God should be from the top ... not from what may be left over ... sharing God’s grace should be from the heart.

Educating, training and communicating with people to be better stewards...

While the gene for faithful stewardship is inside everyone, it needs to be developed and nurtured, just like learning a sport or craft. The spirit of stewardship grows within us over time; most of us just don’t wake up one day deciding to be stewards ... we need to be taught.

Educating people about stewardship is best accomplished with a steady, simmering approach like cooking a wonderful stew, rather than a quick blanching. Stewardship has very solid historical roots in the Bible and it is important to bring out these historical underpinnings. Stewardship education needs to be programmatic and continual; it is a little like putting an outboard motor on the stern of the RMS Queen Mary ... she’ll turn, but it is going to take a while!

Are you trying to solve the vexing problem of how to increase people’s generosity to the church and its ministries?

Download our FREE “White Paper” and share it with your leaders:

Christian Giving: Developing a Lifestyle of Generosity

Christian Giving

First steps...

Christian stewardship doesn’t happen automatically; it happens by design. By creating and implementing a multi–year stewardship plan, church members will grow in their understanding of stewardship, thus becoming more involved, committed, and generous. This transformation of the heart is not just in “first fruits,” or proportionate giving, but growth in members living out their stewardship of God’s grace every day.

There are many sources of information that explain what stewardship leaders need to do, and understanding stewardship, or what is needed to inspire it is not difficult.  Even planning and organizing a multi–year stewardship effort is well within the ability of a well–intentioned Stewardship Committee. However, actually creating the materials to educate and communicate with a congregation on an ongoing basis, including annual stewardship commitment programs can be daunting.

Our role in helping you in both the short– and long–term...

Parish Publishing has dedicated itself to providing churches with effective stewardship resources for over 50 years and has developed practical, successful and affordable tools to help you. They have been developed with years of wisdom of what works and what doesn’t to inspire committed stewards. In general, the most effective stewardship plans include both longer–term, ongoing stewardship inspiration and education, as well as shorter–term drives to bring focus on commitment. We know your plan will be customized for your faith community, but this will help you understand the critical components of any plan. Here are just some of our resources:

  • For stewardship leaders looking for a comprehensive self–assessment of their stewardship ministry with recommendations of how to improve it, a great place to start is with The Stewardship Advisor.
  The Stewardship Advisor Click for more info... Register
  • For year–round inspiration and education about stewardship, we provide:
    • Inspiring Stewardship!, our stewardship program based on 48 monthly stewardship principles.
    • Monthly inserts/newsletters, including Stewardship, Graceful Generosity, Sharing God’s Bounty, and Brother Steward.
    • The Stewardship Toolkit, which provides a wealth of resources for all aspects of your stewardship ministry that you can edit and customize.
  • We also provide 3– to 5–week programs to emphasize commitment in the fall or spring.

If you would like a great place to start your journey, click here to order our Stewardship Sourcebook – The Complete Manual for Pastors and Stewardship Leaders.

The Stewardship Advisor A robust online tool that will provide you with a comprehensive, actionable review of your stewardship ministry and how it can be improved! info Order
Stewardship Sourcebook A great sourcebook for people seeking a foundation in creating and implementing a stewardship plan for any church! It includes a wealth of information, including many downloadable resources with reproduction rights for your entire congregation! info Order
Inspiring Stewardship! This highly effective program consists of monthly principles about why we should be better givers. It’s approach has increased Christian giving up to 35 percent within the first 18 months! . info Order
Monthly Inserts
or Newsletters
We publish three monthly stewardship newsletters/inserts, Stewardship, Graceful Generosity and Sharing God’s Bounty that are perfect for your bulletin or newsletter on an on–going basis. info Order
Design your own plan! Our monthly Stewardship Toolkit provides all of the materials you will need for an entire year!  It is all downloadable and can be customized to meet your specific needs! info Order
Commitment Programs Our 3– and 5–week programs provide all of the materials you need to run a stewardship program that creates a groundswell of excitement, culminating in "Commitment Sunday."  Materials are downloadable and fully customizable. info Order
Supplemental Materials We publish a growing list of resources that are designed to be used as part of one of our programs or on a "stand-alone" basis. Our Bible studies, Devotionals, Tri–fold brochures, as well as Personal Financial Stewardship and students handouts are important parts of any complete stewardship plan! info Order
Stewardship Sermons Stewardship figures prominently in both the New and Old Testaments and should be preached about regularly.  Our 18–sermon series on stewardship is a perfect place to start! info Order
Find Products If you need additional assistance, or would like to talk to us about your stewardship plan needs, please use the online chat above, or call us at 888–320–5576.
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