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Stewardship Sourcebook – The Complete Guide for Pastors and Stewardship Leaders


All new format! We recently updated one of our most popular resources! We have added several downloadable resources to the original Stewardship Sourcebook. The package is 100% downloadable and includes:

  • Our 56–page “must–have” Stewardship Sourcebook.
  • The companion 31–page book Organizing and Energizing Your Stewardship Committee.
  • A brand new tool Evaluating Your Stewardship Ministry.
  • Plus, 18 appendices to assist you in your stewardship ministry!

These resources are 100% downloadable and provide decades of wisdom about starting and maintaining a multi–year stewardship ministry for any size church. They include a wealth of knowledge about forming a stewardship committee, creating long–term stewardship education and communication curricula, as well as a focus on fund–raising. tghe package contains a multitude of downloadable resources to help develop a successful, sustainable stewardship plan. All of the resources in the Stewardship Sourcebook package are available online at our Parish Resource Center for easy dissemination to your stewardship leaders (re–print rights for your church included!). Price: $29.95 Now just $19.95!


Topics include:

  Sourcebook Image


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Table of Contents

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check Understanding Stewardship
check Creating a Stewardship Committee
check Educating the Congregation
check Communicating with the Congregation
check Developing a Ministry List
check Focusing on Fundraising
check Creating and Scheduling a Multi–year Plan and Annual Stewardship Programs
Appendices include:
check Proven Guidelines for Successful Stewardship Plans
check Stewardship Plan “To–Do” List
check Stewardship Committee - Meeting Outlines
check Stewardship Committee - Budget Template (includes MS Excel template)
check Preparation for Lay Witness Presentations
check Proportionate Giving Table (includes MS Excel template)
check Letters from the Pastor (6)
check Bulletin or Email Messages
check Pulpit Announcements
check Commitment Form
check Stewardship Sermons (2)
check Youth stewardship handouts (K–6 and Grades 7–12)
Includes re–print rights for everyone
involved in your stewardship ministry!
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