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Financial Counsel from God’s Word


“So if you’ve not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” Luke 16:11

Because money is a major part of life, Christians should spend a considerable amount of time learning how they can become better stewards in managing it. Financial Counsel from God’s Word – Becoming Money Wise is a scripturally–based, practical study guide to managing personal finances and is perfect to create a small group study around it.

Financial Counsel from God’s Word – Becoming Money Wise can easily be used for a four– to six–week small study group emphasis. The 55–page 8½" x 11" study guide is downloadable in PDF format and includes re–print rights for the entire congregation! It can be easily printed or emailed to participants. A 14–page Leader’s Answer Guide is also included.

The seven chapters include:

  • What is Money?
  • Becoming a Responsible Planner
  • Becoming a Generous Giver
  • Becoming a Disciplined Saver
  • Becoming a Smart Spender
  • Becoming a Debt–free Steward
  • Money in a Marriage

And ... the appendices include many interactive resources, including:

  • Setting Financial Goals template
  • Net Worth Statement worksheet
  • Monthly Spending Plan worksheet
  • Annual Budget by Month worksheet
  • How Much Life Insurance? worksheet
  • Location of Important Papers

These downloadable resources are in both PDF format and easy–to–use, interactive MS Excel worksheets.


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Financial Counsel Image

Small group package includes:

• Participant Study Guide

• Interactive Exhibits

• Leader’s Answer Guide

• Re–print rights for the entire congregation!

Only $39.95!

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