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What users have said:

“We completed The Stewardship Advisor and were guided down a path we hadn’t thought about! It really helped pull our thoughts together and make our stewardship team stronger. Thank you!”

“We used The Stewardship Advisor for the first time not knowing what to expect. It was a “godsend” to me personally and to our parish. It was so easy to use, none of the questions were difficult or burdensome to answer. The report was generated immediately and is so comprehensive and helpful. We were in the process of discussing our goals for 2012 and now they are laid out before us. I would recommend this tool to anyone who is coordinating stewardship. It saved me hours of time!”

M.A. Williams
Stew. Coordinator
St. Joseph Parish, Hanover, PA

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The Stewardship AdvisorTM



The Stewardship Advisor is a robust online tool that will provide you with a comprehensive, actionable review of your stewardship ministry and how it can be improved. Whether you are just starting out, or a veteran stewardship leader, we will take you through a step–by–step process and immediately generate a comprehensive report for your church ... providing you a wealth of knowledge about how to plan your stewardship ministry. Now!

Here is how: We will ask you a series of questions that take about 20 minutes to answer, covering the following topics about your church:

  1. Basic information about the church.
  2. Communication within the church.
  3. Attitudes among the congregation.
  4. Specifics about your stewardship effort.
  5. Basic financial information about the church.
  6. Goals for your stewardship ministry.

You can answer the questions all at once, or save your work and finish at any time!

Based on your answers, we produce a detailed 8–9 page report tailored to your particular situation that will help guide you in your ministry! Share the report with your stewardship committee; use it as a focal point to spur discussion!

The Stewardship Advisor provides a series of benefits:

  • Helps you organize your thoughts about the best way to proceed.
  • Gives an objective review of your current situation.
  • Provides a comprehensive report to share and discuss with other stewardship leaders. (We will even email it to them!)
  • Provides a letter grade in each section of the Stewardship Advisor Report.
  • Provides tailored recommendations for improving your stewardship ministry.
  • Creates a rallying point for people to work together.
  • Uses decades of experience with practical solutions for stewardship ministries.
  • Provides the equivalent of several hours of consulting about your stewardship ministry.

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Money–back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied!

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